A rainy night





drip drop


drip drop


drip drop drip


the rain on my window


drip drip drop


washing away the sins

of 2000 years




what about mine?


drip drop

drip drop drip


streams in the streets

taking away humanities dirt.


drip drop




drip drip drop


i'm happy




as a drop

of drip



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He’s still sitting at the counter when the waiter dimmed the light

and in the room’s warm twilight his eyes are shining bright

they look beyond the rim of an emptied glass of wine

not seeing what they long to see in the foggy realm of time.


When shall we friends meet again,

in thunder, lightning, or in rain?


The pub is closed, the guests are gone

and he’s still longing for another one

to kill farewell’s taste below his tongue

- not bitter, not sweet. Just saying: “They are gone.”


And it’s all over now

baby blue….


With heavy steps he stumbles to the door

scratching with his trainers over all too sticky floor.

The last embrace’s lying on his heart

too many would-haves in his mind are stopping each new start.



Nothing is more bitter-sweet than to say good-bye

when all the songs are sung and the glasses remain dry.


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Ich partizipiere...

Ich partizipiere


An eurer Festtagsfröhlichkeit,

Am Glockengeleut

Und natürlich am Lichtermeer.


Ich glaube, ich ertrinke.


Ich partizipiere.

Und fühle mich doch fremd,

irgendwie gehemmrt-verklemmt - 

Gehöre ich hier nicht dazu?


Ich partizipiere-parasitiere,

mitlächel euer Lächeln

Und bin trotz aller Gemeinsamkeit



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In every end there lies a new beginning....

She’s filled my empty heart with much delight,
made my dark eyes shining bright,
entered my dreams in a silent way,
oh dear, how long is she gonna stay?

I keep sailing on the seas of her eyes
trusting in good winds to paradise
waiting for the rising sun,
oh dear, has she already gone?

I keep guessing the mystery of her life
but she’s a riddle never to be solved,
Am I the detective on the wrong trace,
and your heart is in another place?
Oh dear…

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